Gaming Fyx – Episode 146! (Krogan Daycare Simulator!!)

This week we actually have… Mostly good news?!? That’s unexpected, but certainly welcome. Not a ton of game talk this week, but we do dive into Atelier Ryza and Little Hope, give Umineko a few minutes, and talk about some of the games we hope to be checking out for Game of the Year! But dang, check out that news section. We got to say nice things about Bioware! And representation in games!! And the state of the United States of America!!!

Much love y’all.

Links mentioned in episode:
Underpaid and Overworked: Being an Animator in Japan

Is Madeline Canonically Trans?

00:07:45 – Atelier Ryza
00:23:18 – Umineko & what to play next?
00:37:27 – Little Hope
00:47:55 – Caves of Qud
00:54:00 – Extra Life!!
00:55:30 – PS5 and Xbox reviews are up
01:08:57 – THPS 1+2 got a biiiiigggg update
01:09:58 – Mass Effect Trilogy coming in 2021
01:22:03 – Anthem – it’s still a thing
01:29:48 – PSA: Destiny 2’s original Campaign will be leaving soon
01:33:10 – Gears POP! RIP
01:41:13 – Fortnite is back on iOS! Kinda
01:44:17 – Codemasters got bought up by Take Two!
01:46:47 – Sony’s got all the anime now
01:51:44 – Source code for Watch Dogs Legion got leaked yo (also Capcom)
01:54:05 – AMD! The new CPUs are wild
02:03:03 – Celeste writer pens a wonderful article about Maddy
02:11:25 – Miles Morales knows sign language
02:14:05 – There is a new United States President. Dogs will be in the white house again.

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